Welcome to American Paw Partners! This blog sheds light on our current pet product suppliers. Our company currently has Baylee Nasco, Farm Hounds, Jersey Dog Co., Mutts and Mittens, and Pawsitively Approved by JSG Oceana Pet Dishes as suppliers. All of these companies align with our mission and vision of providing 100% American made and American sourced pet products of the best quality because our pets are family. We are continuously working on finding more products to provide to your pets.

pet product supplier Baylee Nasco logo

Baylee Nasco

  • Dog & cat products
  • Based in Florida

At Baylee Nasco, they believe that pets are invaluable, indispensable and unique in their contributions to your home. As members of your family, they relish your displays of affection and efforts to nurture a loving relationship with them. Moreover, from their dog Baylee, the muse of this company, flows all the inspiration for their pet-catered work.

Hence they manufacture premium dog beds and cat beds that exude luxury, originality and comfort. So every piece is tailored to your dog’s or cat’s needs and created to fit the experience you want for your animal and home.

Farm Hounds logo

Farm Hounds

  • Dog products
  • Based in Atlanta, Georgia

Farm Hounds operates with a commitment to transparency, quality, and nutrition. So their treats and chews are unlike anything else available because they are curated directly from the best small family farms.

They partner with small farms that provide their livestock with a natural environment where they spend their days grazing over open acres of land and eating their natural, organic diet. Hence Farm Hounds gives you access to healthier, higher quality treats and chews made from 100% farm-fresh ingredients. Also, their products are completely free of antibiotics, hormones, chemicals, and pesticides.

To further their commitment, each bag of treats and chews shows the farm the product originated from; so you know exactly what you are feeding your best friend.

Jersey Dog logo

Jersey Dog Co.

  • Dog products
  • Based in New Jersey

Jersey Dog Co. products are designed with simple concepts keeping safety in mind with smart ideas that work. They are dog lovers at heart and understand that not every dog is perfect. So they have created dog toys, leashes and collars to help our beloved 4 paw friends! All of their products are Made in New Jersey with materials sourced locally or domestically.

Also, their reflective collar is made from BIOTHANE, and has a woven nylon core that is encased in polyurethane. Their toys are versatile; so you can toss, tug, or throw them, and your dog can even chew their toys. In fact, most are virtually indestructible and the material has no rubber or latex. They use a polyurethane material called Flexa-Pure®. This material protects the dog’s mouth and teeth from bleeding, chipping and breaking. The material is unique and creates a pacifier effect, which is soothing for a dog’s jaw.

Mutts & Mittens logo

Mutts & Mittens

  • Dog products
  • Based in Florida

Mutts and Mittens has been a family business for almost 30 years. Teri and Tibor became the new faces of Mutts and Mittens Wholesale when their family purchased the company back in 2003.

They believe dogs should Eat Good, Play Hard and Sleep Well! Now they are very excited to infuse new and modern products into their product line for the wholesale business. They keep an eye on the fashion market to see the new color trends for the seasons and do their best to keep the fabric selections current and fresh. American Paw Partners will showcase their strong denim beds for your pups to snuggle in.

More quality, American made pet products and suppliers to come

Stay tuned as we continue researching and adding the best American made pet products to our online store! Finally, let us know what product needs you have for your pet family in the comments below!