What inspires you? What makes you want to get out of bed in the morning? For us, these fur babies do.

Why we love our fur babies

When we say they are our fur babies, well, we take the word seriously! Yes, on the outside, they are beautiful dogs and cats covered in shiny fur. But it is the inside that really has stolen our hearts from day one.

These adorable fluffy ones are just like babies: innocent little essences who so effortlessly bring love and joy to our lives. Their cute, playful nature and unconditional love are like a balm to our soul. And we, as good parents, can’t help but just love them back, completely enraptured by the best feeling in the world.

They are the inspiration behind American Paw Partners and the reason why we want every pet in America to also have access to the very best pet care products.

Meet the lovely Lucy!

fur baby Lucy

You may recognize her as the star of Lucy’s Tale series! We found her abandoned on the side of the road weighing less than 1 pound. Lucy is 5 years old now, weighing in at a whopping 7 pounds! She is a happy, healthy, and very ornery cat.

Meet the lively Pippin!


Pippin was a racing greyhound. She raced and won numerous times at a track in West Virginia. During her last race, Pippin fell and broke her leg. She was removed from the racing circuit. We fell in love with her immediately. This cute dog is still sleek and very fast!

Meet the swimmer Sissy!

fur baby Sissy

My husband met Sissy at a flea market looking for her furever home. She immediately melted his heart! He carried her around all day and created a bond that cannot be broken. Sissy is rambunctious, full of energy, and impossible to keep out of the water!

Meet the playful Arvee!


Meet Arvee! He was born on a ranch in Wyoming and traveled over 1500 miles to join our family pack. He attends school every week for socialization, training, and fun filled days. When his basic training is complete, we hope to introduce him to the herding world to satisfy his natural instincts. Arvee is a ball of energy and keeps us on our toes!!

The official American Paw Partners’ brand ambassadors

Our fur babies are also the official APP brand ambassadors! They will be showcasing featured products in regular posts, with further insights to inform and inspire you about which ones best suit your pets. You can also browse our shop here.

Share your inspirational fur baby stories with us!

We LOVE a great story! How did you meet our pet, what is he or she like? Tell us your story in the comments below!