I’d like to share with all of you American Paw Partner’s story, how we fulfilled our dream of creating this amazing online pet store that only sells American made pet supplies.

2019: a time for reflection

2019 sign

Earlier in 2019, while snuggling with all four of my furbabies, which is unusual because it is rare that they are in a snuggly mood all at once ☺, I reflected on the time I spend searching for the best of the best for my furry companions. Whether I am searching online or driving from pet store to pet store, it’s a time-consuming endeavor.

As I was scratching behind Sissy’s ears, I decided that it was time to make my family’s dream a reality! The idea of American Paw Partners was born! Our mission would be to create an online pet store and only sell American made pet supplies. We would partner with American manufacturers, pet owners and their pets to provide the best pet products/services.

How would we do it? By creating a single, convenient platform offering only high quality, made-in-the-U.S.A. pet products.

2020: building an online pet store – the adventure began

2020 letters

The journey was, of course, filled with a lot of hard work, as is anything worth doing. From creating the perfect website so that you are able to find the products you want and enjoy the experience along the way. To attending many seminars and classes to expand our knowledge. To continuing our research to find the best American made pet supplies available for you.

But, that’s not to say that we have not had some fun and laughs along the way! We have met some of the most amazing people, who believe as we do, that our pets aren’t just animals; they are our family. Meeting and making friends with people that share your love for animals is a bond that cannot be broken.

Although 2020 brought with it many challenges to all of us, we considered it a success!! “Why?”, you ask? Because of you! Our partners and our customers. You are what keeps us working hard behind the scenes on a much anticipated and needed online pet store.

Thank you

We want to take a moment to thank our partners for embracing us with warmth and acceptance which means so much to us. We appreciate the opportunity to work with you and are excited for 2021!!

And thank you from the bottom of our hearts to our customers for your outpouring of support as we have begun our journey. It absolutely means the world to us! Keep your ideas and suggestions coming!

2021: more on our online pet shop

2121 letters with a dog

Next year will bring some exciting news to our store, including our own line of products!!  We can’t wait to tell you more. Here is to a wonderful 2021!!