All across the US, animal shelters do incredible work receiving, caring for, and trying to find forever homes for their shelter rescues. This gives each of us animal lovers an opportunity to changing an animal’s life (and our own!) by welcoming a shelter pet in our homes. If you need any convincing, here are 10 reasons to adopt a shelter pet:

1. You will love a pet who is just waiting to love you back.

All pets need a forever home. They need someone to love them fully, to give them an opportunity of experiencing life to its full potential. That’s why adopted dogs and cats become the happiest pets! They show their appreciation instantly! Nothing more rewarding than changing a pet’s life for the better.

2. You save a life.

Shelter pets deserve a second chance. Being adopted by a loving and caring family gives them that opportunity and also opens space in the shelter for another animal who might desperately need it.

3. They are good for your health.

Animal companions not only offer unconditional love and emotional and physical support but they also provide a sense of purpose and fulfillment, lessening the feelings of loneliness. When you adopt, you will be helping an animal in need and your health!

4. You can give a second chance to an older animal.

Adult pets are great! You will already know their personality and avoid the puppy/kitten stage. Which means less time spent dealing with biting, clawing, chewing, etc. By adopting an older pet, you will re-ignite the will to live in them! And in retribution, they can be the most loving pets.

5. You support a great charity.

By adopting a shelter pet, you support the work of amazing people who are there providing a more humane, dignified life for homeless animals.

6. You save money.

The fees you pay to a shelter are far less than what you would pay a breeder to buy a pet. It is also a means to support the shelter and make sure they can keep looking after more animals.

7. You help other animals and people.

When you adopt a shelter pet, you cause a positive chain-effect. Think about the benefit of freeing a spot in the shelter, so another animal can be taken out of the streets. Not only that, imagine the joy of shelter workers and volunteers upon seeing another life saved – your action is their best reward!

8. You can socialize, meet people, and discover new activities and places.

Adopting a pet will cause a change in your daily routine. With playtime added to your day, you naturally become more active and enjoy spending time outdoors or indoors with your fur baby. Besides, pets give you an opportunity to socialize and explore new places and activities, like pet shops, parks, pet-related events, dog training sessions, pet-friendly places, etc. You get to know other pet owners and professionals, exchange tips, stories, and make new friends with other pet lovers!

9. Shelter pets cuddle better.

It is true! Shelter pets are loving by nature, so they truly appreciate a nice cuddle anytime!

10. You can brag about it on your social media and in the comments below!

You can tell everyone about your newest addition to the family and raise awareness about the benefits of adopting a shelter pet. Lastly, we’re waiting to hear from you! Please comment below if you adopt a dog or a cat or if you already have one or more rescued pets.