The first week of November is National Shelter Appreciation Week. So we wanted to share some ideas on how to help animal shelters during the Coronavirus pandemic. Shelters do an amazing work to support homeless animals and give them a chance to find a furever home – and they need our support more than ever during the pandemic.

The Coronavirus pandemic has affected animal shelters and rescues across the US. Having limited services and fundraisers available to the public, and having to close doors to visits, now more than ever community support is greatly appreciated. So here are some ideas of how you can help pet shelters.

How to help animal shelters during the pandemic:

1. Foster a pet

This is probably one of the best ways of helping animal shelters, because it has a direct impact on animals’ well being. Some reasons why fostering a pet is a great idea:

  • Help pets to unlock their full potential: dogs and cats have a chance to relax and be themselves in a home environment. This in turn will help them to be at their best for potential adopters, so they have a good idea of their real personality.
  • Find out if you are ready to adopt: fostering is a great way of experimenting life with a pet to see if you are ready to become a full-time pet parent yourself.
  • Get all the love without the long term commitment: even if you are not ready to adopt, you can be sure to enjoy receiving lots of love from fur babies who will truly appreciate every second with you until they find a furever home.

2. Share your local animal shelter social media

Most shelters are conducting virtual adoption via social media, using Facebook, Instagram and other platforms. So check your local community and help pet shelters spread the word! Be sure to like and follow them on social media platforms.

Our local shelter is the Animal Shelter Society, Inc. Here is their social media:

Facebook: @TheAnimalShelterSocietyInc

Instagram: @assi.ohio

3. Sponsor an animal

You can sponsor one or more animals and pay some or all of an adoption fee. This way you can facilitate their adoption by other pet lovers.

4. Donate cash

The Coronavirus has greatly affected pet shelters and rescues. Many had to dismiss staff and operate at a reduced capacity due to the overall decrease of volunteer funding amid the pandemic economic crisis. So any monetary support is greatly appreciated.

American Paw Partners donates part of our sales of selected items every month to support shelters and rescues. If you have the means, homeless pets will thank you!

infographic on how donations can help pet shelters

4. Donate items

Most shelters have a “Wish List” of items they need on a permanent basis. Ask your local shelter what they need. Some shelters organize contactless drive-thru deliveries. Just drive by and they will collect any donated items from your car trunk!

5. Adopt an animal

That’s the ultimate goal and one of the best gifts you can give a homeless animal! Adopted animals are great companions. Remember: shelter pets cuddle better! If you need some convincing, read our blog on “10 Reasons to adopt a shelter pet”.

6. Share this blog

Please share this blog post to help create awareness on how people can help pet shelters in their communities. Thank you!