If you, like me, believe your pet is a beloved member of your family as much as your human counterparts, it is natural to think of him or her when you are shopping for special occasions like Christmas or for their birthday. So here we have some great American made dog gift ideas starting from $14.99* to make your tail-wagger even happier:

Dog tug toys

Release the puppy within! A dog tug toy is a wonderful gift regardless of your dog’s age. Besides, it is great for you and the kids too! Playing with your dog helps both you and your furry friend to exercise and tremendously enhances your bond. Cherish these good times together!

1. The Ultimate Tug Toy – $21.99

dog tug toy - the ultimate tug toy

You can toss it, tug it, or throw it, and your dog can even chew it. The Ultimate Tug Toy is virtually indestructible. With an ergonomic handle and a circular flat shape with 3 raised ridges across its surface to catch the dog’s teeth for a better grip.  This tug toy is a great dog gift idea and is ready for some serious playtime.

Treat dispensing toys

Designed to keep your dog entertained and avoid boredom, these toys also promote teeth and gum cleaning. This is an affordable dog gift idea sure to make your buddy super happy!

2. Chompi Bone – $14.99

chompi bone treat dispenser toy

The Chompi Bone is the perfect treat dispensing toy to keep your furry friend entertained. Made out of the unique Flexapure® material, the Chompi Bone is safe and gentle, while also being super fun! It is designed with two treat pockets through either side of the bone for easy cleaning. Also, having ribs down the length of the bone also adds a great feature for cleaning their gums without making them bleed. Available in 5 different colors.

Check out all our dog toys here.

Healthy Dog Treats

3. Farm Hounds dog treats – $14.99

healthy dog treats

An all-time favorite. All dogs appreciate a little treat.  Your dog will love the Farm Hounds treats. Made from pasture-raised stock, they have no antibiotics, chemicals, hormones or pesticides. These delicious healthy treats are the perfect choice for the conscious pet owner. Available in chicken, turkey, beef or duck in a variety of treat types.

Comfy Dog Beds

We all value a good nap…so does your pet! With more than 100 beautiful, comfy dog beds to chose from, Fido is guaranteed to enjoy sweet dreams. They are also great dog gift ideas for your friends’ pets. Here are just some of our dog beds:

4. Denin Round Bed – from $66

dog gift ideas - comfy dog bed in denim

Our classic round bed is a standard in our collection and by far the most versatile. It can be used virtually anywhere. Also, it is completely machine washable and dry-able with no special requirements. Available in 4 different colors and 7 sizes.

5. Cuddle Pouch – $60

dog gift ideas - comfy dog bed - cuddle pouch

What dog wouldn’t want to snuggle with this luxurious Baylee Nasco Cuddle Pouch after a long playdate or rainy day indoors? Baylee Nasco pouches can be used as a bed, sleeping bag for those you like to ‘burrow’ and blanket. Available in 7 pattern/texture varieties.

6. The 2 in 1 Shag Travel Bed / Blanket – from $88

comfy dog bed and blanket

The Baylee Travel Bed and Pillow is a luxurious travel item. Soft to the touch with a zipper compartment so you can add your own pillow or a hotel pillow for an on-the-go, comfy dog bed. This handmade bed is an awesome dog gift idea and it’s sure to elevate your pet’s napping experience. Take out the pillow and you can use it as a blanket! Available in small and medium sizes and 12 different patterns/textures.

Dog Chew Toys

Dog chew toys are a fun way of minimizing aggressive chewing behavior. Keeping your dog focused and active for long periods of time, and away from your furniture and clothing!

7. Peanut Ultra Durable Nylon Dog Chew Toy for Agressive Chewers – $9.99

peanut dog chew toy with peanut butter

A peanut that dispenses peanut butter!  Spread peanut butter into the holes on this durable nylon toy to give your dog a fun and rewarding challenge.  The Peanut Ultra-Durable Nylon Dog Chew Toy is designed and built to withstand even the most aggressive chewers.  This toy helps keep your dog entertained and solves problem chewing behaviors caused by puppy teething, separation anxiety, hunger or boredom.

We have 7 different chew toy models to choose from. You can check them all here.

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Other great dog gift ideas

– A dog spa day


Your dog also appreciates feeling clean and groomed. A good dog grooming service will provide your baby with a nice, stress-free experience. From bath and grooming to cuddles and treats, your dog will come home reinvigorated and feeling fab!

– A day out socializing


Socializing is also a very important part of your dog’s life. Make a special day to your pet by taking him to a dog park and allow extra time for playing with other pooches!

Love your dog

All these dog gift ideas are awesome, but none of them substitute the best gift of all: LOTS OF LOVE! It’s in everyday life that we really build an unbreakable bond with our pets and, ultimately, a life filled with joy. 🙂

How do you express your love for your dog? Share in the comments below!