If you have a canine pet who loves running and playing fetch, getting a dog flying disc is a great idea. The level of excitement and fun provided by a frisbee dog toy compares to taking your 7-year-old to Disneyland. No joke! We have reviewed Jersey Dog’s Disc-Go-Dog and, let me tell you, we were surprised by how much our furbabies loved a game of frisbee.

A flexible, yet durable dog frisbee

The Disc-Go-Dog is made from a pet-safe, proprietary Flexapure® material. It allows for give when a dog bites into the disc. It is very flexible, bends and twists very easily. So it’s very gentle on your pup’s mouth and teeth. Also, it is the only flying disc you can conveniently fold and put in your pocket. At the same time, this fetch toy is very durable – made of a “biothane” formula derived from organic polyurethanes combined to produce the hardest-working material out there. It is the same material as our favorite tug toy (although the disc is not intended for a tug). It withstands exposure to the elements such as sun, saltwater, and extreme temperatures without losing its flexibility or color.

Performance: an easy to throw high flying dog disc

How high and how far it goes is enough to make a good dog flying disc? There’s no simple answer. It depends on you, your dog breed, age, physical condition, and end goal. Remember, canine disc is more than a game. It can become a sport, for you and for your dog! Whilst the Disc-Go-Dog is not a competition-grade toy, you can burn some serious calories and have a lot of fun teaching your dog play frisbee.

Now, medium to large port dog breeds will tend to jump higher and run faster according to their age. For instance, we have an 4-month-old Border Collie pup (Arvee), a 9-year-old Greyhound (Pippin), and a 10-year-old Jack Russel Terrier (Sissy). A pretty good mix, huh? So it’s no surprise that Pippin and Arvee dominated the runs and fetching. Sissy was happy to just join the pack but without interacting with the disc as much (she was no match for the other 2 runners with her short little legs!)

We have tested the Disc-Go-Dog in our backyard and done short to long-distance throws. The product dimensions – 8.75″ wide x .25″ thick – make it suitable for all dog sizes. You can throw it on grass, sand, or mud (it does not float).

I was amazed at how easy it was to throw! I’m usually not very good at playing frisbee, but I gave the Disc-Go-Dog an easy toss and it sailed through the air!! I didn’t have to get used to throwing it or learn how to use it. It was very easy straight away and a lot of fun!

Antimicrobial and easy to clean

This dog disc is odorless, antimicrobial, and very easy to clean – just use soap and water.

What did our product testers think of our dog disc?

Pip fetching dog frisbee mid air

For this review, we went outside in our large backyard. It was a cold winter morning, but the dogs got super excited with their new toy straight away – which surprised me as they had never played frisbee before. I was amazed at how many times Pip and Arvee caught it in mid-air!!



They picked it up from the ground as well, if they missed it in the air or we threw it too far.

three dogs chasing a dog flying disc

They also tried to play tug with it among themselves. So we had to put a stop to it (although it is a durable dog frisbee, it is not intended for tugs).

All in all, Pip and Arvee enjoyed every second of our game of frisbee. Sissy was excited to just run around with them! Perhaps if she was playing by herself it would have been a different story!


If your dog loves playing fetch and you want an easy to throw and care for dog frisbee, the Disc-Go-Dog is an excellent option! Whether you are a beginner or a pro player, you and your four-legged friend are sure to have lots of fun with this flying disc.

Got one? Let us know what you think of it in the comments below!