For The Love of Pets

How does American Paw Partners
Help Shelters and Rescues?

We give Our Time

APP is passionate about helping pets in need. We are very active in the community supporting local shelters. You will often find us at our local shelter walking dogs, playing with cats, and sharing ways on social media for you to help your local shelter.

We Donate

APP participates in a sponsorship program that helps hard to adopt pets; those that may be considered, too old, too big, or physically challenged, find a loving home in our community by reducing the regular adoption fee.

How does this program work? APP pays a portion of the regular adoption fee reducing the amount the new adopter would pay.

We Give Back
To The community

We are excited to announce that part of American Paw Partner’s journey will include participating in rescue and shelter fundraising events throughout the year. We are thrilled to expand our reach to help even more pets in need! Extending our reach even further, we will also begin offering logo items for raffles and prizes at our local animal shelters and animal rescue organizations.

How Can Your Purchase
Help the Shelter?

When you purchase a book or coloring book from the Lucy’s Tale series from the APP website 10% of the net proceeds support the shelters.

As a bonus, American Paw Partners frequently offers additional pet products for you to purchase with a % of the net proceeds going to support the local shelter. Be sure to check our website often to see the showcased items!


Total Donated So Far