American Paw Partners 6′ Narrow Biothane Leash for Dogs – Red

American Paw Partners 6′ Narrow Biothane Leash for Dogs – Red


Taking a casual walk in the park or an adventure in the woods with your dog, you will be set with a stylish, high performing 1/2″ wide Red Biothane Leash!

Its high-quality material has a look and feel like real leather but offers more strength and durability for those hikes over rough terrain.

This gorgeous red leash is comfortable in your hands, waterproof, odor resistant, and light weight. So your pup and you will be ready no matter what the day ahead holds.

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American Paw Partners 6' Narrow Biothane Leash for Dogs - Red

A high performing leash ready for all conditions: the biothane leash is perfect for active dog parents who enjoy everyday walks as well as hikes in nature.

Feels like leather: despite its heavy-duty durability and strength, this leather-like leash feels very soft and comfortable on your hands, and is lightweight. It remains supple in all temperatures.

A tough dog leash:  biothane offers more strength and durability for hikes over rough ground. It resists thorns, goatheads and rocks, and is fully functional in all types of weather and terrains. Also, this material will outlast leather and nylon, and it is virtually indestructible, just in case your pup tries to turn it into a chew toy. Its Biothane coated webbing is the toughest material available for dog leads.

Waterproof and odor resistant: passing through snow, mud, rivers, lakes and water puddles is not an issue with this leash. Biothane doesn’t absorb water, ice, moisture or dirt and is odor resistant. Just wipe it clean and you are ready to go.

Stylish and easy to spot: American Paw Partners biothane leash comes in multiple, bright colors to keep your pup in style. Also they are easy to track against the environment. The red leash suits passionate and courageous pups (and humans alike)!

Lastly, pair it up with our red biothane collar for the ultimate look!

Is the 1/2″ width biothane leash right for your dog?

Thinner ½” leashes are good for puppies and small dogs. They are less restrictive and lighter in weight.

If your dog is large, or likes to pull or chew, take a look at our 3/4″ biothane leash. It will provide more strength under tension.


  • Leash length measures 6′
  • 1/2″ width
  • Stylish Red color
  • Functional in all terrains and conditions
  • Odor resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Always supple regardless of temperature
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to clean: just wipe or rinse
  •  Great for small dogs and pups
  • Made in the USA


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